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2013 National Team Title Champions!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Sprague for winning their 5th National Team Title.  Four National titles out of the past six years.  We are the second most decorated school in High School Racquetball.  With many more to come!

Thank you to all the coaches for the countless hours they've put into the program.  Without you we couldn't do it.  
Thank you to all the parents.  Without you, we wouldn't have the kids.  :)

Congratulations 2012-2013 Sprague Racquetball Team!

Congratulations to Sprague Racquetball for finishing 2nd place overall, 3rd place girls team, 2nd place boys team in the State Championship!

The coaches couldn't be more impressed and honored to have you kids on the team.  You worked very very hard and deserve great credit.  Congratulations!