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Congratulations to Our 2021 JNMS Winners!

Rory Lampe, Clara Mundal,
Josh Bradshaw, and Kelsey Cochran

And our past JNMS Winners!

Elise Abbott, Cole Hawley, Caitlyn Joye,
Katt MacGregor, Ainsley Martin, Carson McDaniel,

Anna Shewaye, and Ruger Vinecki

Thank you to the seniors who submitted applications! JNMS winners will be announced at the annual potluck at the end of the season!

Josh Nelson Memorial Scholarship - 2022

Sprague Racquetball is honored to be able to offer the Josh Nelson Memorial Scholarship for graduating players furthering their academic careers.

These college scholarships are given in memory of Josh Nelson who was only 16 years old when we lost him. He will be remembered as a friend, a son, a brother, and an exceptional teammate. Josh played two seasons for Sprague Racquetball and in that short time he became a team leader and a family member.

Applications deadline Friday February 18th!

The committee will review applications keeping in mind its guiding principle to find applicants that embody the qualities that most represent Josh Nelson. An applicant must exemplify leadership, teamwork, effort, dedication, and commitment to community -- in the context of racquetball, life outside racquetball, or both. An applicant must demonstrate upstanding character and academic pride. The committee understands that the listed qualities can take many forms and that the applicant may use any examples that he or she thinks appropriate.

Please review the scholarship flyer for more information and then download the application to be completed for your consideration.

Questions? If the flyer and application don't answer your questions, please feel free to contact the scholarship committee at [email protected]